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Affordable daycare with a focus on faith & family.

At Bountiful Blessings Daycare in Norfolk, Virginia, we embrace every aspect of child development: social, emotional, physical and intellectual. Starting at just 6 weeks old, children in our care are nurtured by well-trained teachers to make the most of these precious early years. We continue that same level of quality care up to age 12, with our before-school and after-school care program.


If you need child care near Ghent, Downtown Norfolk, Tidewater Park or Youngs Park, find out how we can be a bountiful blessing to your family.


Unlike most preschools and child care centers, we have the distinction of mostly male teachers. These caring, Christian men set an example and serve a fatherly role for little ones.

As a visitor to our center observed, "While male educators are rare, these were even more so! I saw grown men teaching scripture and truth to our youth in a fun, engaging way! These children are absolutely privileged to be a part of this type of education... they are being taught exceptional manners! This place, this type of education is a GIFT!"


"A center is only as good as its leaders! Bountiful Blessings Daycare is led by two of the best leaders in the business."

– Arthur Moats

"Awesome daycare. They show love, teach, make sure your child is safe, feed and support your children. You can go to work knowing your child is well taken care of."

– Angeleke Daniels

"Bountiful Blessings is just that a True Blessing for the children they take care of. All the teachers show great care for their young students. Daycare is the first learning setting for children and Bountiful Blessings is the place to send your children."

– Beverly A. Taylor

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