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We are a child-oriented center that fosters a safe and fun learning environment for our children, while providing peace of mind for our parents.


We believe in providing cheerful surroundings that allow your child to explore life and its many learning experiences. We offer a developmentally appropriate program designed to exceed the needs of our children.


We are committed to the happiness and satisfaction of our families and communities, Therefore, we welcome your comments and feedback, for our desire is to reach every child and family through the love of Jesus Christ. Always know that we are here for you and your family.


We believe that the success of our schools depends largely on our early childhood teachers. Our first requirement for all staff members is that they must love what they do. We seek unique individuals who are team players and are dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive learning environment, coupled with laughter and smiling faces. Each school is supported by a Director/Asst Director.


Our Directors:

  • Have previous childcare center management experience

  • Have an appropriate degree/certification to teach staff trainings

  • Are responsible for the overall operation of the facility

  • Emphasize the best customer service practices


Our Lead Teachers:

  • Meet or exceed state requirements to work in early childhood

  • Have dedicate educational backgrounds, ranging from currently pursuing a CDA credential to a bachelor’s degree

  • Have multiple years of experience in a preschool setting.


Our Assistant Teachers:

  • Have similar experience levels to lead teachers

  • Typically are working toward their degree.


All early childhood teachers go through a complete, detailed training program during their first week of employment. This week includes in-depth training on state-specific rating requirements, child abuse and neglect, fire safety, childcare and sanitation regulations, as well as company policies and procedures. In addition, all teachers are required to complete training in first aid and CPR and maintain his or her yearly in-service training requirements mandated by the state. We also provide monthly workshops as well as an annual review with assessments to ensure our staff have the tools required to be their best with our children.


Fostering Friendships

Fostering Friendships provides children with experiences designed to support developing relationships with peers while promoting independence, confidence and the desire to discover.


Emerging Emotions

Emerging Emotions lays the foundation for children to learn how to understand their own feelings through positive social interactions with their teachers and peers. Teachers build Emerging Emotions by acknowledging their childrens’ feelings. They respond promptly and consistently to children’s needs, model cooperative behaviors, talk to children at their eye level and create areas in the classroom where children can work together.

Healthy Beginnings

Children are constantly developing physical skills as they explore their environment and expand their horizons. Healthy Beginnings provides activities and games designed to help support muscle development, coordination and manipulative skills, which allows them to master basic skills such as walking, running, hopping, jumping, kicking and balancing. Our curriculum blends educational concepts to promote health and fitness. These hands-on experiences inspire Healthy Beginnings.


Sparking Curiosity

We help your child Spark Curiosity by providing opportunities to build a positive approach to learning, exploring new concepts through hands-on activities, building memory, reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Sparking Curiosity lays the cognitive framework for later learning and academic success.

Language Development

We build Language Development by talking to them, using both verbal and non-verbal gestures and building receptive and expressive language by telling stories, reading books and singing songs. Through thoughtfully designed activities, your child will listen to and understand increasingly complex language, use language to express thoughts and needs and use appropriate conversational and other communication skills.

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